Can I reach you over the phone as well?

For the time being we do not provide support over the phone. Our staff consists of palliative professionals, doctors and nurses whose day job and responsibilities do not permit such an extra task. We do our best to get back to you by e-mail as soon as we can.

On which languages do you provide support?

We provide support on English and French. In case any support request comes in on other languages, we do our best to find a solution.

Who is financing this website?

Palliative Directory is a non-profit website, founded by the Cabinet Medical Le Roseau Sprl. We want to avoid aggressive commercials on our website, but we are grateful of every donation and sponsoring from institutes and individuals. Please contact us if you wish to sponsor our website!

Can I also help you in other ways?

Yes, you can! Please like and follow us on social media, and share news about us! If you are native on any of the languages of our website, we gratefully accept pro bono translations of service information. . Please contact us if you can help with translating!