What is palliativedirectory.com?

Palliative Directory is a people-focused service here to help people with serious illness find relief. We understand that patients require the best care and comfort so that is what we strive to offer. Therefore, anytime you need to find the best palliative care services, trust us to help.

Who is running the website?

Palliative Directory is made by the team and people who created the Orthodose app for Android, iOS, and desktop. The Orthodose app was our first service with free tools, advertising, and confidentiality, aimed purely to help its users, i.e. palliative care physicians. Seeing the success of the app and how much it helped users, we […]

What do you mean by ‘comprehensive directory’?

Our users can easily browse through the listings and search via location or name to find the right professional service that they’re looking for. All listings provide full contact details so connecting with the service is easier than ever.

Is all information available in all language version of the website?

No. The basic is the English version; we do our best to show everything in English. Furthermore, each other version shows the places that speak the given language. When you use the German version, for example, you will only find services that speak German. The services and institutions set also on which language – and […]

Who is financing this website?

Palliative Directory is a non-profit website, founded by the Cabinet Medical Le Roseau Sprl. We want to avoid aggressive commercials on our website, but we are grateful of every donation and sponsoring from institutes and individuals. Please contact us if you wish to sponsor our website!

Can I also help you in other ways?

Yes, you can! Please like and follow us on social media, and share news about us! If you are native on any of the languages of our website, we gratefully accept pro bono translations of service information. . Please contact us if you can help with translating!

Why do you choose the owl as the bird icon?

We find that owls are wonderful birds and we like them a lot! They have extraordinary day and night vision and we would like to extend this as a metaphor to our services: if a palliative care support exists somewhere, you can trust the owl to find it.