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Bringing you close to your local palliative services.

Palliative Directory is a people-focused service here to help people find relief. By connecting people with their local palliative services, we are making their work easier and reducing the hassles involved with trying to find good palliative professionals. At Palliative Directory, we work with a caring and compassionate approach. We understand that patients require the best care and comfort so that is what we strive to offer. Therefore, anytime you need to find the best palliative care services, trust us to help.

Who We Are

Palliative Directory is made by the team and people who created the Orthodose app for Android, iOS, and desktop. The Orthodose app was our first service with free tools, advertising, and confidentiality, aimed purely to help its users, i.e. palliative care physicians. Seeing the success of the app and how much it helped users, we became passionate about helping palliative care patients too so we created another free, ad-free, secure service called Palliative Directory with the aim to help people looking for palliative care services in their area.

A comprehensive palliative directory helping you find relief.

Palliative Directory is a comprehensive directory in all sense of the word. We have researched and compiled an extensive directory featuring countless listings of palliative professionals and palliative care services. Our users can easily browse through the listings and search via location or name to find the right professional service that they’re looking for. All listings provide full contact details so connecting with the service is easier than ever.

Our directory service is completely confidential and free of service. We are only seeking to help people. We don’t use ads nor do we collect user’s personal information or money; the only data we collect is collective user data for improving our website’s service. This way, people can easily make use of Palliative Directory as they please, whenever they want. We also work hard to ensure all information provided with listings is updated, accurate, and reliable.

Please check out our support section to find a tutorial on how to use our service. For any additional assistance required, we are always here to help so your experience using our directory will be more than satisfactory!

Try using our directory service today. With us, you are only a few steps away from finding relief.

Palliative Directory for Palliative Care Professionals & Businesses

Since we are directory, we are giving palliative care professionals and businesses the opportunity to build their client base and business. Having their listing on our site is just like posting an ad – it provides more potential for customers. By having their own profile on our directory, palliative care givers can easily describe their business, add pictures, link their website for higher Google rankings, and enjoy being ahead of the online competition. Whether you have a palliative care hospital, voluntary care service, or palliative care company, you can post your listing with us for patients to easily find you. Anytime patients search for palliative care givers in your business area, your listing will show up for them! All of this is free so it is a free solution to expanding your business’ exposure and visibility online.

Post your listing today, it’s free and only takes a minute to register.

Practical information

about the palliative care directory

The care services and facilities are indicated on the map by bird icons. To facilitate access to the data, you can refine your search by filtering on country, the nearest town, or the type of service requested.

You can support this worldwide directory of palliative care by contributing information or improving existing data. To do so, you only need to register.

Patients in a hospital or hospice setting

icon_1 Inpatient unit: A palliative care service uniquely aimed at people who are in the last phases of an incurable disease. This service can be offered within a hospital, or in an independent institution, also referred to as “Hospice” in some countries.

4 Hospital mobile team: A mobile team of professionals that visits patients across different hospital units. It is primarily staffed by nurses, psychologists and doctors.

Patients living at home

2 Home care: Home care teams offer their services outside the hospital environment and visit patients where they live,  whether this is in their private home or in a nursing home.

1 Day care: The day care center welcomes palliative care patients who are physically able to get out and about on their own during the day.


icon_31 Association: An affiliation of health care professionals and volunteers who administer palliative care.